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Minor Rules of Online Etiquette

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

In the previous section, we discussed the primary rules for interacting with people online. The purpose of this section is to discuss the extra rules of being online, the ones that represent minor things that can help with your online and offline lives.

  1. Make the real world a Priority.

The number one rule here is to make sure you continue to pay attention to the people and responsibilities of your real life. While being online is often fun, unless it is actually part of your job or another responsibility, you must remember to get off the computer to tend to the other parts of your life. This goes doubly so when those things are in the same room. You cannot jump on the internet whenever you feel like it, you must fulfill your responsibilities first and foremost.

2. Don't post large email files.

This is pretty simple, opening very large emails is capable of crashing the receivers servers or computers, which can cause a whole host of problems beyond losing their immediate ability to use that computer. On top of that, even if the email doesn't cause damage, long or large emails are simply annoying to deal with. It is better to simply post large files to one space and send a link.

3. Fact Check before reposting.

Remember to check up on something you think is "informative" before you begin spreading it around yourself. The format of the internet means it is easy for people to post their opinion as facts and have it spread across the internet, fooling those who don't think to fact check, who themselves then proceed to spread the information as fact. Only by researching yourself can you confirm whether it is true or not.

4. Attend to your email frequently.

Emails are often the only way to be contacted by people you aren't familiar with, even when you've worked with them for a while. As such, you need to be constantly checking your email to see. More importantly, emails are often the means with which you receive important information such as bills and the like. Check your email daily, several times a day, in order to keep up with everything that comes through.

5. Update your online information

If you have a large amount of online presences, such as accounts with different sites, it is best to make sure to update them with recent information regarding you. If you do not update them, it is essentially lying by omission to anyone who looks you up on those who look you up. Depending on why they are looking for you, it could end up being inconvenient for them and you, so it is best to keep your information up to date.

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