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[S4E8] The General BEST

Wednesday brought some shocking news for followers of Duke men's basketball, and the realm of sports in general. Mike Krzyzewski, heading into his 42nd season at the helm of the Blue Devils, announced that the upcoming 2021-22 campaign will be his last, with associate head coach and former Duke captain Jon Scheyer set to take over as Coach K's successor.

[S4E8] The General

Episode 8 of season 4 of Netflix's thriller You, "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" is another clever episode, offering up a big plot twist and changing the game entirely. It's possible that fans will be divided on this reveal and it will change how they feel about the season in general. However, You still manages to shock four seasons in, which is definitely no small feat given the show's reputation for plot twists and dark storytelling.

The episode begins with Quick Draw McGraw attempting to bring in the Dalton Gang (who were wanted for card cheating, cattle rustling, and running a crystal meth lab). After a short shoot-out, Quick Draw pulls out his trade mark guitar, only to be arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Meanwhile, Phil Ken Sebben announces that he is running for president and shows Harvey a check signed for $12,000,000,000 (signed by Yngwie Malmsteen) and The Guitar Lobby's support. Harvey is requested by Baba Looey to defend Quick Draw, which he accepts. In the middle of the first session of the trial, Mentok the Mindtaker remembers that he is to attend his nephew's birthday party and takes Harvey and Quick Draw with him. Afterwards, the trial proceeds with Hiram Mightor as judge (whom Myron Reducto suggests is being bribed by The Guitar Lobby). After a trial filled with the general topics involved with weapon rights, Hiram Mightor spits out a miniature version of Yngwie Malmsteen (who is seen later sitting with The Guitar Lobby). Meanwhile, Peanut and Baba Looey are seen browsing through Quick Draw's guitar collection and Peanut hits and kills Baba Looey with one. At the end Quick Draw is announced not guilty. There is a celebration for Harvey winning the case and Phil losing the election, at which Peanut fires off Quick Draw's pistol at random and watches as it ricochets around the office.

In the hangar, the soldiers are examining the ship, but they can't figure out how it runs. The doctor is out for a stroll, and he kneels down to pet a German Shepherd. The general asks him if they've made any progress. The doctor says he would think that creatures as technologically advanced as they seem to be would communicate telepathically, but they seem to have a developed language. He says, in time, a team of linguists should be able to figure it out. The captain says no one else is getting called in on the project there is already too many people who know about the Ferengi. The general says that president Truman is an impatient man and wants answers, and he wants them now. The nurse comes outside, and tells them they need to get in there, now. They come inside, and the dog follows them in. Quark announces, so that they understand, that he is Quark, the chief financial officer of the Ferengi Alliance, and he has a business proposition for them.

The general and two MPs stop them. Quark grabs Nurse Garland and points his finger at her, telling them he'll disintegrate the hostage with his "death ray." The general says it looks a lot like a finger to him. With the distraction, Odo shape-shifts out of a nearby truck and takes out the two MPs and the general. They commandeer a Jeep and get to the hangar. The doctor tells them an atomic blast will occur in seven minutes. Quark thanks the two "hew-mons," and Nurse Garland says that she only hopes one day man can travel the stars and take its place among a vast alliance of planets. Rom corrects her: "Federation." Quark stops him from explaining further, saying that he is an idiot. The Ferengi get in their ship and take off. The captain gets to the general and asks "What do we do now?" The general says "About what, captain? All we ever found was a crashed weather balloon."

Sarah, now back in Burbank, requests the general approve an immediate mobilization for a rescue. General Beckman says no because they don't know where they are. She tells them that they put a "Code Red" out to every agency on the planet and the moment they find his whereabouts, that's when she'll approve a mobilization team. Beckman orders Casey to look for Chuck and the Belgian and tells Sarah to go home and rest. Casey tells her that Chuck's smart and he'll be alright. However, Sarah feels guilty because she knows he did it because of what she said about him not being a spy, and he wanted to prove her wrong. 041b061a72


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