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Dreamboxedit Dm500

Use a unix compatible editor, like UltraEdit, edit lines 4 and 5. The server ip to fit the IP-address of the backend PC. Startdir and cddrive to fit correspondingly the movie folder and the cddrive on the backend pc.Save it to a file called movieplayer_My_Server.xml to your dreambox's /var/etc folder. (save the file locally and FTP it to your dreambox, log in to your dreambox with default username root and password dreambox, or set up UltraEdit to save directly using FTP; your choice).

Dreamboxedit Dm500

As you can see, the config file is put together by 4 config sets. set1, set2, set3 and set4. These will be reflected in the VLCF application on the dreambox as you can configure the frontend to use either of these 4 sets.

hi guys, i need your help, i am trying to connect to dm500s Remotely by using dbedit or dcc, but i don't know which FTP PORT i have to use to connect the dm500s Remotely. Because PORT#21 in not connecting Remotely.

hi there, Q1)---do i have to do this deleting process by using 1)-Remote on dm500s or 2)-DreamBoxEdit Tool or 3)-DCC. So i like to know which Toolt i have to use to delete these files in /var/tuxbox/config/enigmaboquetsservicesand alluser*filesQ2)---And which Tool I have to use to copy settings into the same directory.

Trying to use DreamboxEdit to ftp vhannibal settings to my solo box,but transfer gets aborted with the message " Error sending file 'lamedb' to the dreambox ".I have just started setting up the box today,so I am sure there is something I haven't done yet 041b061a72


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