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Macbook Pro Bluetooth Driver For Mac Os High Sierra

I have a PS3 controller and would to to be able to use it on my macbook pro(s). I have a 2009 Macbook pro and a 2014 macbook pro, one running Yosemite and the other running El Capitan. A PS3 controller does not work on either, either wired or via bluetooth.

Macbook Pro Bluetooth Driver For Mac Os High Sierra

Note: drivers are only required if you require COM port emulation for Bluetooth LE and/or WiFi connections. Bluetooth EDR connections do not require drivers (for Airconsoles that support Bluetooth EDR). Please see the support article here for more details.

are you asking if its bad? Thats one of my questions is how to check. I have a brand new logic board in, which could have been faulty from the manufacturer, but doesn't really explain why it went from detecting a bad battery to not detecting a battery at all. going to try a clean high sierra boot to maybe see if some root level registery wasn't installed properly if the battery was bad and not being detected.

If you are uploading to certain boards like the Apollo3 on the Artemis development boards with fast baud rates, there are some platforms (Linux flavors) where the standard CH340 USB to serial drivers don't operate well at speeds higher than 115200. So if you run into upload problems, consider reducing the upload speed. For more information about upload issues, see this forum post and consider upgrading with these drivers for Mac OSX or these for Linux. 350c69d7ab


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