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Native.Instruments.Traktor.Scratch.Pro.v2.6.8-Tracer Utorrent: A Review of the Features, Benefits, and Tips of Traktor Pro

Looking for some instant Trap-style hihat lines The first 6 RGB LED buttons right above the display switch repeat rates in realtime. Create truly dynamic rolls by using pad pressure to control velocity while changing the repeat rates with the LED buttons.Other parameters includeRepeat Rate, Gate, Accent Interval, Accent Velocity Offset, Swing, Trigger Mode and Clock Source.

Native.Instruments.Traktor.Scratch.Pro.v2.6.8-Tracer Utorrent


The Traktor Pro 2 is a must have for anyone serious about a DJ career. You can use Traktor on any of the three decks in the Player or select from the 16 buttons on the main controller to mix on the cleanest one. By using Traktor Pro 2, you can control the individual effects on each deck, preview, and edit each effect by pushing and pulling effects directly from the buttons on the mixer. Imagine having all the functions you need to perform on the mixer in one place.

Whenever you need to edit your tracks, hit the four edit buttons and Traktor Pro will pop up with all of the edit functions right on the same deck. You can crop, copy, paste, delete, re-record, you name it, and it is all right there in front of you. Just 4 buttons for editing on one of the decks, and it is fantastic. The Traktor Pro 2 also has two semi-deep and semi-crippled internal FX with up to 10 assignable effects. The semi-deep FX have eight customizable channels each with four effect settings plus an audio input and output, and the semi-crippled FX offer up to four FX presets (with two assigned at a time) and four user-adjustable channels.

This is a complete package made for professionals wanting to make your own professional scratch effects. Everything you would want is present including pads that move up and down, side to side, and even up and down, as well as add and remove effects. Scratchpad audio effects include EQ, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, pitch, delay, and some automated effects with the Scratchpad Control button. You can also run different effects on multiple pads and control them individually.For those that like its looks, the new DAINIK SOS Fader can now be used as part of your set up. The DAINIK SOS Fader is a powerful performance tool that replaces the traditional foot controls with a physical slider that control both the output level and the cutoff. The cutoff controls the volume of the audio, the volume can be controlled by the slider and the cutoff of the audio is controlled by touching the slider to the red and blue areas.


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