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Italian Movie Download A New Beginning BETTER

An older Tommy Javis (John Shepherd) returns from a series of institutions still haunted by his encounter with Jason. He arrives at a secluded halfway house for troubled teens. One of the teens is killed by another teen. This is just a prelude to a whole series of gruesome murders.There's an easy answer to why this one is rated so low. They tried to replace Jason with Tommy Jarvis. People will kill you for that. But as a movie, this is a pretty good improvement. This franchise has finally shed its indie feel and joined the other big horror franchises with more competent filmmaking. This one starts already different from the beginning. It's no longer Crystal Lake. To have a copycat doing the killing is already expected seeing where the story is located. It's a bit of a surprise that they don't make Tommy Jarvis the copycat right from the start. The turn of Jarvis has great shock value. However to continue the franchise, they had no choice but to bring back Jason.

Italian Movie Download A New Beginning

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