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Nihongo 45 Jikan Pdf Download

Nihongo 45 Jikan Pdf Download

Nihongo 45 Jikan (日本語 45 時間) is a Japanese textbook for beginners who want to learn the basic grammar, vocabulary, and kanji of the language. It was published by Senmon Kyoiku in 2003 and is now out of print. The book consists of 15 chapters, each covering a different topic and situation, such as greetings, numbers, time, family, shopping, restaurant, etc. The book also includes exercises, dialogues, illustrations, and cultural notes to help students practice and understand Japanese better.

Although the book is no longer available for purchase, some online sources offer a pdf version of it for free download. One of them is [PDF Document], a website that provides various documents and slides for educational purposes. The website has uploaded the pdf file of Nihongo 45 Jikan with 48 pages and a size of 4.8 MB. The file can be viewed online or downloaded to your device by clicking on the download button on the top right corner of the page.

Download File:

Another source is [Goodreads], a popular platform for book lovers to share their opinions and reviews on books. The website has a page for Nihongo 45 Jikan with the book details, editions, and ratings. Although the website does not provide a direct link to download the pdf file, it has a section called "Other Editions" where you can find different formats of the book, such as hardcover, paperback, or ebook. By clicking on the ebook option, you will be redirected to another website called [Open Library]( which is an online library that offers free access to millions of books. There you can find a link to borrow or download the ebook version of Nihongo 45 Jikan in pdf format.

Nihongo 45 Jikan is a useful and comprehensive textbook for anyone who wants to learn Japanese from scratch. However, since it is an old publication, some of the contents may be outdated or inaccurate. Therefore, it is advisable to supplement your learning with other sources and materials that are more current and reliable. You can also use online tools such as [Bing Translator]( or [Bing Dictionary]( to help you with your Japanese studies.


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