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Match Village

Jump into the role of a 1930s detective as you catch criminals and restore the beautiful English village of Kingsfall to its former glory, uncovering clues in charming yet challenging match-3 puzzles and hidden object challenges!

Match Village


The game takes players on an all-new adventure with bubbly private investigator Emma Fairfax as she returns to her hometown of Kingsfall to find her village shrouded in secrets she is eager to solve.

Released in 2014, Mystery Match brought a new dimension to mobile puzzle games as one of the first such titles to include a narrative-driven match-3 experience. Mystery Match Village takes this approach even further, creating an experience for fans of mystery stories and perplexing puzzles alike.

Mystery Match Village is a world for players to transform into talented detectives to solve the mysteries of a mysterious death. Besides, there is the task of solving match-3 puzzles to receive the rewards for completing the village Kingsfall.

Not stopping there, Mystery Match Village also brings you an exciting traditional puzzle game that is Match-3. Players can swap and match the trio to solve puzzles and get instant rewards. They are the foundation for you to build and disguise the classic village of Kingsfall. Conquer this village with your own stars right now.

Tickets for SKC II's return to Swope Soccer Village and the final four regular season MLS NEXT Pro matches are on sale now at All tickets are general admission and cost just $10. The match can also be streamed for free at

In their previous match, SKC II slipped to a 1-0 defeat at Real Monarchs with the lone goal scored in the 93rd minute of the match in one of the final kicks of the contest. Goalkeeper Kendall McIntosh made six saves on the night as SKC II fought hard in the heat for over 90 minutes. A week prior SKC II defeated Colorado Rapids 2 by a 2-0 scoreline with goals coming from Cole McLagan and Julian Vazquez.

In the attacking third, SKC II has generated offense from all areas of the field. Number nine Rauf Salifu has shown out as of late, scoring six goals in the last six SKC II matches dating back to June 4. Salifu scored four times against North Texas SC in SKC II's most recent home match.

On the wings, Vazquez has provided a spark to the Kansas City attack. His four goals and three assists both rank second on the team and his 14 starts is tied for the team lead. Fellow winger Josh Coan has been a newfound lifeline for the club. He has started five consecutive matches adding an assist on one of Vazquez's goals.

Tacoma enters the match as the pack leaders of the Pacific Division and the top seed in the Western Conference. Their potent offense has scored a league-high 44 goals while their sturdy defense has conceded just 19 times.

We will match any local bikeshop's price if they have the identical item in-stock(same size, color, model, year) on the day of purchase and for 30 days thereafter. We will issue a refund for the difference of the price match with the method you originally paid or a credit on a Village CycleSport Gift Card. Give us a call for more details or with questions you may have.

Mentors, parents/guardians and program staff associated with 36 mentoring matches that had ended were interviewed about their experiences of these relationships and their understanding of why they had ended. Thematic analysis of the interview transcripts and mentoring program case notes for each match followed by systemic modeling of the relationships yielded three major findings.

These findings highlight the importance of considering not just the mentoring dyad but also the parent/guardian and program context when trying to prevent match closures. They also point to several program practices that may support longer mentoring relationships.

We got done at the main road and walked to the village fair where the match was to be played. It was a pleasant day and everybody was excited for the match to begin. The match was held between our native village and the host village, voluntarily umpired by the block officer who also the chief guest of the match. The organising panchayat had used makeshift stumps and rubber ball on a rough pitch for the friendly match. There were no pads, gloves or helmets. It was an enjoyable day, with our village team winning the match in the last moment but the trip was exhausting.

Well, one TikToker cracked the dating code when it comes to matching with athletes competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. "I paid for Tinder Plus so I can swipe in the Olympic Village and date an Olympian," Reed Kavner explained on the app, showing his geo-filter set to Tokyo, where the Games are taking place.

A previously unknown tentative link between Royal Shrovetide football and La soule played in Tricot, Picardy was established in 2012 by history and sociology of sport lecturer Laurent Fournier from the Universite de Nantes. Whilst undertaking a study of "folk football", he noticed that the Coat of arms of the Cockayne family (seated in Ashbourne from the 12th century) painted on a 1909 Shrovetide ball displayed in the window of the Ashbourne Telegraph office contained three cockerels in its heraldic design. He recognised this matched the emblem of Tricot (also carrying three cockerels) where La soule is played on the first Sunday of Lent and Easter Monday. He was welcomed to Ashbourne by the Royal Shrovetide Committee and was a guest at the Shrovetide luncheon. Research into Royal Shrovetide Football's lost history is ongoing (August 2012).[12]

The Up'Ards' traditional goal was Sturston Mill in Sturston village east of Asbourne and the Down'Ards' goal was Clifton Mill in the village of Clifton west of Ashbourne. Clifton Mill was demolished in 1967. A stone obelisk with commemorative plaque marking the site was unveiled in 1968. This became the Down'Ards goal for the next 28 years. Sturston Mill was demolished in 1981. A timber post salvaged from the mill was erected on the site of the old mill to act as a goal for the Up'Ards.[42][43]The purpose-built goals erected in 1996 on the banks of Henmore Brook are located 3 miles (4.8 km) apart. The Up'Ards goal is upstream from Shawcroft adjacent to the site of the former Sturston Mill and the Down'Ards goal is downstream from Shawcroft adjacent to the site of the former Clifton Mill. The ball is goaled when tapped three times against a millstone incorporated in the goals.[44]

On 7 March 1916 the 1/6th Battalion of the Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby) Regiment played a game whilst stationed in the French village of Ivergny. The ball was presented by the Ashbourne Committee and the first goal was scored by Private Robinson of "C" Company.

Huning Ranch Park, in the Village of Los Lunas, is home to six new competition-caliber courts. These public courts are designed to United States Tennis Association standards with built-in lighting timers to support evening matches. Additionally, bolstering its ever-growing popularity, two of the courts have been designed for Pickleball games with regulation striping and court boundaries.

As one of the final phases of the Molzen Corbin-master planned Huning Ranch Park, these courts offer a visually striking appeal against the backdrop of the desert southwest landscaping. The 12-acre park boasts basketball courts, picnic tables, a dog park, and a playground, as well as a walking trail, unifying landscape gardens, and a storm drainage pond. The entire project was completed in multiple phases. Molzen Corbin is proud to partner with the Village in realizing their vision for the Huning Ranch Park Tennis Courts. Game, set, and match!

Outplay Entertainment, the UK's largest independent mobile developer, has collaborated with Agatha Christie Limited to launch a special Death on the Nile integration into their acclaimed Mystery Match Village mobile game, a match-3 puzzle and hidden object adventure title.

First released in 2014, Mystery Match changed the landscape of mobile puzzle games by being the first to include a story-driven match-3 experience. Building on the success of its predecessor, Outplay Entertainment presents the long-awaited sequel, Mystery Match Village, to challenge and entertain fans with mystery stories and perplexing puzzles. Pushing the boundaries of production values and puzzle game variety, Mystery Match Village takes storytelling and match 3 gameplay to the next level by introducing new mechanics, hidden object searches, village restoration, episodic content with a growing cast of intriguing and lovable characters that will evolve the overall plot, and more complex clues to hone detective skills.

Each episode of Mystery Match Village features a unique case to solve and new characters and locations to explore in Kingsfall Village. Mysteries of looted family heirlooms, missing person reports and unexplained events are solved by earning stars in match-game play and searching for hidden objects to find interesting clues. Using colorful city characters and a feline sidekick, players can don their detective hats to solve the mysteries surrounding Kingsfall and help rebuild the city to its former glory.

Originally hand painted in watercolor, this limited edition print features matchbook illustrations from a variety of beloved restaurants in New York City's West Village - a neighborhood with a longstanding history of lively and varied dining experiences. Some of the restaurants featured were forced to close as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 041b061a72


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