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Where To Buy Cubic Zirconia Rings __EXCLUSIVE__

When purchasing a simulation diamond, the quality of cubic zirconia is absolutely critical. Birkat Elyon is renowned as a jeweler for only using the highest grade on the market, Russian Formula. Of the five readily available forms of CZ, Russian Formula is the only type that will catch the light so beautifully; even experienced gemologists have difficulty telling its difference from a real diamond.

where to buy cubic zirconia rings

Beyond avoiding poor-quality cubic zirconia and mass manufacturing techniques, Birkat Elyon avoids metal plating. Instead, the bands we use in our diverse catalog are available in pure platinum, as well as 100% solid 14K or 18K white or yellow gold. The design options we offer on our site are also selected conscientiously to highlight classic shapes alongside innovative contemporary trends. Keep exploring our site and see for yourself what makes Birkat Elyon the best cubic zirconia (CZ) engagement rings and jewelry you can buy!

Look at you! You have come up in the world. Whether you are starting out in life, or enjoying the rewards after years of hard work, you can now think about some of the finer things in life; you are ready to buy a quality piece of jewelry. Better still, you are now among the rapidly increasing number of people who are turning to the best cubic zirconia jewelry as a luxurious choice.

We are delighted to welcome you to You have made an excellent choice (or, if this writer has done her job well, happily ended up here via an Internet search for the best cubic zirconia). Here, you will find great resources for making an informed choice about heirloom quality jewelry of the highest value. Better still, you are not limited by our imaginations (although spectacularly developed). You can shop our smart menu to customize the best cubic zirconia engagement ring, or any other jewelry piece you can imagine.

When you are looking for the best results with cubic zirconia, consider the metal used to set the stone. A good jeweler will offer a selection of 10K, 14K and 18K gold. They will offer a choice of coloration for gold, without compromising its purity. Look for companies that offer their gold in yellow, white or rose gold. Remember that, all color choices from a trustworthy jeweler will be from 10K, 14K and 18K grade gold.

Of course, there are other popular choices of precious metals. A great jeweler will offer you the best choice of cubic zirconia rings in .925 Sterling silver. Do not accept anything less when considering this beautiful, classic metal!

Choose the best cubic zirconia possible. Look for a jeweler who clearly states the quality of their stones. Cubic zirconia is graded on the same scale used for commercially produced diamonds. The highest rating is AAAAA, or 5A, for clarity. Cubic zirconia stones of 5A diamond-quality look, even to the most accomplished jeweler, just like diamonds.

The best cubic zirconia jewelers will offer a lifetime warrantee. Enough said. Do not settle for anything less. They will be there for you to address manufacturer defects, and to make sure that you have an exceptional jewelry experience.

Beautiful diamond rings certainly attract everyone who prefers to accessorize with sparkly gems. But because diamond rings are incredibly costly, not everyone can afford them & that's where Cubic Zirconia jewelry rings come into the scene. Since it was launched into the fashion business around the year 1978, there haven't been any artificial gemstones that have made such a significant impact as CZ.

This is the topmost gain you get from purchasing cubic zirconia engagement rings or cz wedding rings. Instead of breaking the bank by buying a fancy diamond ring, invest in two or more equally stunning cubic zirconia rings with varying designs.

You'd be happy to know that celebs also love cubic zirconia rings! They prefer to wear these CZ rings because these pieces give them the freedom to do daily activities with ease. Wearing something pricey on their finger for a long time can be stressful too, so they opt to wear the less costly alternatives.

See two contrasting, breath taking colors come together. From our midnight collection, enjoy this dazzling ring, featuring 183 round pave black and white cubic zirconia, hand set in sterling silver, and completed with our special Suzy Levian signature secret cubic zirconia and gallery inside.

You should also look at the color of the light as it enters and escapes the surface of the stone. If you turn both a diamond and a CZ upside down, the bottom of a diamond will give off the entire rainbow of color reflections, whereas CZs usually have more exclusively orange and blue flashes. This is because cubic zirconias and diamonds have different refractive indexes.

A cubic zirconia is a real cubic zirconia, but it is not a real diamond. However, there are a few types of stones that are used as diamond simulants, and cubic zirconia is by far the most common and the most realistic.

In fact, Simon G. engagement rings feature cubic zirconia center stones. By using cubic zirconia, our customers have more control over the shape, style, and cost of their engagement ring. Some of our customers even decide to keep the CZ center stone until a later date, offering them greater budget flexibility.

Cubic zirconia rings can also be put in gold or silver. Depending on the preferences of your customers, cubic zirconia rings can be worn in different styles like gold cubic zirconia rings or silver cubic zirconia rings in gold. There are also cubic zirconia rings in gold and silver cubic zirconia rings with diamonds at the best price. offers cubic zirconia rings in gold, silver cubic zirconia rings, gold cubic zirconia rings, silver cubic zirconia rings are trending in classic gold and silver.

Check out theinfo below to find out more about cz wedding rings and warnings aboutsome cz rings on the market, or to learn more about cz check out What is Cubic Zirconia?And if you have any questions about cubic zirconia wedding rings, justuse the handy comment box at the end of the page to send in your questions!

Justbecause you are searching for an affordable, ethical, wedding ring doesnot mean you have to sacrifice quality. To be sure that you are buyingquality cubic zirconia wedding sets, look for rings that meet these standards:

Addedto the costs of rhodium plating, cubic zirconia stones are not hardenough to withstand the rhodium plate process over and over againwithout showing wear and tear - eventually, re-plating a cubic zirconiaring can cause the cz stones to cloud up.

What about a gold cz wedding ring or a czplatinum wedding ring? While gold and platinum are both durable metals,the bands will last far longer than the cubic zirconia stone - whichfor every day wear wedding rings will eventually need to be replaced. Ifyou can spring for a gold or platinum band, a ring made with moissanitemay offer a more lasting and durable solution for a reasonable price.

Remember to avoid plate like the plague! This includes gold, platinum and sterling silver plate over brass or copper rings. Likewise, any gold or platinum plate over a sterling silver ring (or any other type of band) is quickly going to wear off - so, paying extra for a sterling silver cubic zirconia ring with gold or platinum plate just doesn't make sense.

The only exception to plate on cubic zirconia wedding ring sets is if the rings are sterling silver bands which have been rhodium plated. In this case, it is okay to just let the rhodium plate wear away with time.

If you have a budget of over $100 dollars to spend on a wedding ring set, it might be best to go with an affordable gemstone ring, or another type of simulant such as moissanite. Remember that cubic zirconia will not last a lifetime with every day wear - for wedding rings, cubic zirconia usually begins to cloud up and scratch in about 2 years.

Cubic zirconia rings which sell for hundreds of dollars (some high-end cubic zirconia rings are actually priced $500 dollars and above!) because they are set in higher karat gold or platinum bands do not make much sense either because of the durability issues with cz gemstones - unless you plan on replacing the cz stones down the road with real diamonds or a more durable diamond simulant.

The gemstone was originally developed for use in lasers. When the method for its creation was perfected by Russian scientists in 1973, demand surged all over the world. Global production of cubic zirconia began in 1976.

Since then, it has been the biggest competitor to the diamond industry. Today, 12 tonnes of cubic zirconia are produced each year. It comes in a range of qualities, ranked from A (the lowest quality) to AAAAA (the highest quality).

It differs a little from lab to lab. Usually, cubic zirconia is made by heating zirconium oxide powder at around 4982ºF. To help the crystals form, chemicals such as yttrium, magnesium or calcium are mixed in. After hours at such high heat, crystals begin to take shape. Once they have become stable, they are removed, cut and polished.

However, because diamonds are natural whereas cubic zirconia is not, you can see some differences between them. Many people love how diamonds have tiny imperfections within the stone. No diamond is perfectly the same as another. However, cubic zirconia is crystal clear. Because it is lab made, it looks less organic than diamonds.

It depends on what you care about when you buy jewelry. From a purely financial standpoint, cubic zirconia is not very good. If you tried to sell a piece of cubic zirconia, you would barely get anything for it. 041b061a72


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