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The problem with AIAG began when it began to use ratios to help define what is acceptable for a measurement system. Output from the Average and Range method will usually have values (in addition to the standard deviations above) that are expressed as a % of the Total Variation. These are ratios of each standard deviation to the total standard deviation (TV). This calculation is intended to represent the percentage of the total variation that is consumed by each standard deviation. For example, for EV:

02 - Consumed By Desire.rar

Bill, In terms of reporting percentages within Classic MSA, for AIAG you have the percentage of Tolerance consumed and the percentage of Total Variation. Your article is of course aimed at percentage of Total Variation consumed..I am not sure of the current status of the blue book from AIAG but worryingly some software computes this ratio incorrectly and some correctly depending on the options that are chosen. Whether they are computed correctly is one aspect, the other is what use are they when they have been computed even if correct.There are of course issues with the p/t ratio in general on many fronts. The ICC is the best and most appropriate way to assess the usefullness of a measurement process for a given application.The EMP option within the software has all the features to enable one to study and monitor any measurement process that outputs variable values. 041b061a72


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